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My name is Bill Pardue and I am the owner of Monkey Traffic. More importantly to you though, I am also the owner of Ville Platte Dodge (www.villeplattedodge.com).

I grew tired of hearing vendors telling me that the business was changing and that, as a dealer, I was the one who had to adapt to the new realities of selling cars in this day and age.

Take live chat for example. A vendor sold us a chat tool and told us that chat leads would be our most ready-to-buy online leads. After a few months, when our staff was not answering chats in a timely manner, the vendor came to my dealership and blamed my staff. Then they offered to “manage” our chats for us.

I asked a simple question: “You are asking me to let a 3rd party be the first point of contact with - according to you - my hottest online leads, as a solution to the problem that your chat software creates because it is not easy for my staff to use?” I fired my chat vendor – and several other hard-to-implement services – that day and decided I would develop my own solutions. And that is how Monkey Traffic was started.

Take a look at our services then contact our team and we will get you set-up with our online lead generation and communication tools. They work in my business and they will work in your business.

Monkey Traffic, not monkey business.

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Our Products

Easy-to-use lead generation and communication tools created by car dealers for car dealers

Why do dealers accept such low conversion rates on their websites?

The buying process starts online. We all know that by now. If you do not find ways to connect with potential buyers earlier in the sales funnel you will lose sales. It's that simple.

Monkey Traffic will help your dealership open the lines of communication with potential buyers early in the sales funnel, increasing your conversion rates.

Easy-to-use tools that work. Take a look.

Monkey Chat

A text-based chat solution that is simple for your staff to use.

Monkey Leads

Mobile lead generation that works on every advertising platform.

Trade-In Monkey

Coming Soon! Guaranteed trade offers with dealer-level pricing controls.



As I began to work on ideas to generate more leads for my dealership I kept running into the same issue - my website, 3rd party sites, classified ads, mailers, etc. all had different ways of capturing and sending leads and they also had affiliations with certain companies that made it impossible for me to use a successful lead generation tool on all sites.

The one constant I did find though was my dealership branding on my vehicle photos - via my window sticker company - showed up on all sites where I advertised and could even be place on print and TV ads.

So I decided to take advantage of this and put a lead capturing message on my photos. I chose SMS technology because it captured a potential buyer's phone number - 100% valid since they had to use their phone to request my offer. After a time though what I found was that we had a potential buyer's phone number but no other information. Sure it is helpful to have a phone number for contact but I wanted to find a way to entice the hottest prospects requesting my offer to provide me with their name and email address as well. The solution was to layer the offer to first capture a potential buyer's phone number, then to identify the hottest prospects by requiring them to submit their name and email address to get an offer coupon. To date 36% of the potential buyer's who make an initial inquiry follow through with the second step to receive the coupon - and those are the ones that we focus most heavily on with our follow up.

The best part of Monkey Leads is that my offers appear everywhere my inventory photos appear - my website, all 3rd party sites (like Autotrader, Cars.com, CarGurus, etc.) and I can place the offer code in print, video,TV ads - everywhere!

Let's take a look at how it works.



Trade-In Monkey will be launching in the coming months and will put your dealership in total control of your online trade-in offers.

Today you either must choose between a trade-in tool that only provides potential buyers with a range of values (not very effective since most potential buyers want the (unrealistic) top value when they arrive at your dealership) or you can use a tool that gives a guaranteed trade value (which, since that price is guaranteed by a third-party, gives a very low price offer that may turn off potential buyers even before you can contact them).

Trade-In Monkey will allow dealers to set offer parameters (90% of loan value as an example) so you, the dealer, can guarantee your trade valuations knowing that they will be in line with your pricing practices. You will also be able to have key additions/subtractions for certain vehicles (any vehicle over 100,000 miles might trigger an automatic 25% further price reduction or a 4WD truck might get a 10% price addition). You set the parameters and guarantee to purchase the vehicle as long as it is in the condition and with the features described by the seller.

It's that simple. Just plug our tool into your website and you are ready to start providing your potential buyers with your trade guarantees - likely at higher prices than the other guaranteed value sites because it is customized to your specifications.

Look for Trade-In Monkey very soon!

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Monkey Leads

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Trade-In Monkey

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  • Dealer-controlled pricing on guaranteed trade-in offers
  • Expected Launch in First Quarter of 2016
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